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In the book of Numbers, we read the account of the Israelites wandering through the wilderness, their great consequence for disobedience and failure to trust the LORD (Num. 14).

But the Lord remained faithful and stayed with Israel, giving instruction and laws for the people to obey. He instructed them to make tassels with cords on their garments as a visible sign for them to call to REMEMBRANCE all the commandments of the Lord, to do them and “be holy to their [your] God” (15:40).

We are all familiar with the story – Israel does not remain faithful to the Lord but follows their own hearts, eyes and inclinations. Right after the Lord’s instruction for them to hang tassels, the very next account is the rebellion of thousands against Him.

Psalm 105 recounts God’s faithfulness to His own people, tracing historical moments of Israel’s history through the Pentateuch. The audience is exhorted to REMEMBER the faithfulness of the Lord; to respond in celebrations of praise to the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses. To the Lord, their God.

What do the exhortations for Israel mean for us, a “new covenant people,” today? While we are unfamiliar with cords, tassels, animal sacrifices and old covenant practices – are we not also a wilderness people? Do we not often follow our own sinful desires instead of REMEMBERING the Lord our God? Is it not God who is steadfast in His faithfulness to us? We too, are to REMEMBER. As believers under the new covenant, we REMEMBER the once for all, single sacrifice of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 10) and we REMEMBER the glorious truths in the marvelous works of faithfulness that He has done for us. We REMEMBER that because of Jesus, there is great help for you and me in 2022, as we strive to walk in obedience to the Lord, our God.

Conference Center, Double Room, Double Occupancy – $180 per person**
Conference Center, Double Room, Single Occupancy – $200 per person
Lodging is first-come, first-serve via registration and is limited in the Conference Center.

Price below includes program fees and materials, Friday night dinner and Saturday breakfast and lunch:

Commuting – $100 per person

*Please note: Registration is first-come, first-serve and is transferable for this event, but non-refundable. Registrations must be paid in full at the time of registration. Please refer to the retreat FAQs for further explanation.

**Double-room, double-occupancy means two beds for two ladies in the room. Those who select this option must already have a roommate and register and pay at the same time. We do not find roommates for participants and no more than two ladies are allowed in one room.

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