KID KOM stands for Kids In Discipleship, Kids On Mission and it’s for all kids, boys and girls, in grades 1st-5th. We meet each Wednesday (during the traditional school year), 6:00-7:00 pm, with girls in D-300 and boys in D-202.

This year’s theme is Super Heroes for Christ in training!

September ::: SELF CONTROL ::: Doing the right thing even when you don’t feel like it. 
Mission Project Focus ::: Soldiers/Veterans

October ::: GENEROUS ::: Giving to others of our time, money, and talents.
Mission Project Focus ::: Seniors/Shut-Ins

November/December ::: GRATEFUL ::: Being thankful to God and others.
Mission Project Focus ::: Heritage Dinner and Fire Station Cookie Drop

January ::: JOYFUL ::: Choosing happiness, no matter the situation.
Mission Project Focus ::: Troubled Youth, Disaster Relief, Prison Ministry

February ::: KIND ::: Treating others like I would want to be treated.
Mission Project Focus ::: Children (Baptist Children’s Home)

March ::: DILIGENT ::: Working hard until the job is finished.
Mission Project Focus ::: FBC Cary

April ::: HELPFUL ::: Serving others with a joyful heart.
Mission Project Focus ::: Seniors/Shut-Ins

May ::: BRAVE ::: Doing the right thing even when you’re afraid.
Mission Project Focus ::: Police/Fire Department